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Carrying Firearms in your Car or RV W/O a Permit/License​​

3 Steps to Get Your Texas License to Carry (LTC)

States Handgun Laws (www.handgunlaw.us) 

​Reciprocity - States that honor TX LTC

Texas License to Carry Classes


Texas License to Carry Classes


​​3) Either Mail Supporting Documents or to upload your scanned documents to the Texas LTC Website.​​

​​www.Handgunlaw.us - National Handgun Laws.

1) Attend the LTC Class. You will receive your LTC-100. The LTC-100 is your Class/Range Completion Form. You will submit the LTC-100 to the state after completion of your application.

2) Texas LTC Application - Apply with the state, and schedule your fingerprints. Texas Application Fee $40, Veteran $25. Active Duty $0. Fingerprints $10.

​​​Texas DPS Phone Number: 512-424-7293