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Texas License to Carry Classes


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A Family-Owned and Family-Run Business,

"Our Family Helping Your Family"

North Fort Worth LTC is a family-owned business and was established in 2011. Our Class continues to provide a 1st Class Texas LTC experience that meets the needs of individuals located in the North Texas Area. You will gain the knowledge necessary for your Texas LTC/CHL in a casual atmosphere. Our Class fee includes the Range Fee; and a Free Handgun Loaner, if needed. "No Hidden Fees"

The most important people in our classes is you, your family and friends. Before, during, and after the class, we are available to answer your questions. We provide a casual atmosphere with your success as our primary goal. Please read some of the comments from our students.

The primary knowledge goals of the class:

*Where you can carry and how to open carry,

*Where you cannot carry,

*What to do if you have to use a weapon.

Your instructor, Lee Watkins, is highly qualified to present the Texas LTC/CHL course and holds the following certifications:

*Texas LTC/CHL Instructor

*Texas DPS Certified Instructor

*Texas DPS Safety School Certification Instructor

*NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

*NRA Certified Personal Protection Instructor

*NRA Certified Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor.

Deb greets our students upon arrival in class. During class, she helps with the paperwork and forms necessary for the state. At the range, Debbie adds an additional level of safety.

We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming classes. Please call, if you have any questions, 817-528-4433.


Lee, Debbie, and Blake

Texas License to Carry Classes


​​​Looking for the Best LTC Class in North Texas, check out the following comments from some of our awesome students:

David B. - Deb and Lee were AWESOME! They were not only extremely nice people but they were great teachers and very thorough. My wife and I went together and we both had the same opinion; the class was informative about the law as well as the shooting portion. I thought I was a good shot and Deb pointed something out and helped improve my shooting so much. If you’re a new shooter or experienced it’s the class for you. Can’t thank them enough so take the class, and you won’t regret it. Thanks, Deb and Lee.

Bill H. - Great atmosphere for learning. Lee & Deb are very personable and provide content in an easy-to-understand format. This class would be great for first-timers through experienced gun owners. Classes are now at Quail Creek, so I plan to bring a snack lunch or snacks. Highly recommend!

John C. - Deb and Lee did a great job and made this class entertaining, efficient, and helpful. Obtaining an LTC is important for any person owning a firearm and this class made that apparent. I would recommend this class to beginner or advanced firearms students. Along with this class, you also get discounts at different ranges and an introduction to other services. Both Deb and Lee were open to questions and the follow-up after the course with your paperwork was flawless. Thank you again!

Lee W. - Great information presented in a fun learning environment. Lee's teaching style made the time go by fast, and the location was great. Lee is available and responds quickly when I've asked him questions since finishing the class. My wife took his class after I did, and he allowed me to observe. I would recommend his class to anybody.

Justin M. - Lee and Debbie were awesome! Great class! I would recommend it to anyone looking to get their LTC in the DFW Area. Lee has an abundance of knowledge. They explained everything we needed to do after the class to obtain the license. Just waiting for our paperwork to come back from the state.

Tim A. - Lee Watkins is an excellent instructor! The class was fun and the range time was safe! He and His Wife really care about their students! I highly recommend taking his LTC class. Just do it!

Anthony Y. - Great class. My wife, myself, in-laws, and a couple of friends all took the class together and were all very impressed. The instructors were very informative and went through everything thoroughly. Lee and his wife kept the class time interesting and were very helpful at the range. They made the whole process easy from the first email with questions about signing up to sending off for our license. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get their LTC.

Anna C. - Awesome class! Loved the owners! Super fun, easy and they were able to let us borrow guns to shoot and qualify with. We were not looking to buy a gun yet, but we be able to get a license so when we were ready, we could.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Michael D. - The trainers (Lee & Debbie) did a great job for the class and at the range. They spent time helping anyone with issues at the range (Jams, brand new shooter, as our class had a few of those) and showed great professionalism and courtesy. We really enjoyed the class and I would recommend North Fort Worth LTC to many of my friends who need to take a LTC class.

Brett F. - Great class! Very good training, well organized, and thorough. Range time is included, and they can even provide a weapon for folks that don't own one. Step-by-step instructions on how to complete your paperwork to ensure you will get your license to carry it in a timely way. Highly recommended!

Robert S. - Took the class today with my wife. Very knowledgeable and informative. Lee and his wife were quick to answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them. I had a good time and enjoyed the class. Stay safe and shoot straight...

Ludwig B. - Bottom line: Debbie and Lee are the best instructors around. The class flew by in no time. I learned so much and it never seemed like work, they are playful and never get too serious all the while giving you every single bit of info you need to be a responsible LTC license. I'd take the class again if I had the chance. The class was a blast and I know ten times as much as when I first walked in. They provide EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. All the info you need to be confident in carrying a gun, all the info you need to know in every way about everything, they show you how to use a gun and shoot, they have snacks, they have free soft drinks, they provide a free gun at the range if you don't have one, they provide cheap ammo, they pay for range time, they give you plenty of breaks, they offer a chance to invest in legal defense through US Law Shield if ever a self-defense stitch comes along If you have kids, a spouse, a home, or a car, you should take this class. Even if you don't plan to own a gun, it's a great class to inform you about gun laws in Texas. It was a pleasure. I would've paid twice as much had Lee and Debbie asked!!!!!!!! TAKE THIS CLASS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Emilio A - I've taken this type of class in different cities and states over the years, and please believe me when I say that Lee and Debbie are the real deal. I wouldn't bother with this review if it wasn't worth it to other people considering taking this class to check them out. So, what if you're not from the Fort Worth area...Make a leisurely drive and give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that your money is well spent.

Patti M. - My son and husband took the LTC class and were extremely happy. The instructor was very knowledgeable. They got them scheduled very quickly. I would highly recommend the guys.​​​​