Texas License to Carry Classes


May Classes $80

A Family-Owned Business 2011 - 2024​​

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LTC Classes

4 Hours Class Time, 1/2-hour Range Time.

At the Same Location - Quail Creek Range Located in North Fort Worth, 1 exit North of Texas Motor Speedway, exit 74

We are available for Private Classes. 8 or More Students, Call for Information.


April Classes $80

Texas License to Carry Classes


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We Are Different:

A Family-Owned and Family-Run Business

"Our Family Helping Your Family"

Rated "5 out of 5 Stars" on Yelp,

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And of course, All of Our Students are "5 out of 5 Stars"!!!

1. Weekend and Weekday Classes - With more classes, we are available when you are ready for your Texas LTC Class.

2.  Smaller Classes - You are not packed into a classroom and onto a range.

3.  All-inclusive LTC Class - Our price Includes the Range Fee. Others charge an additional Fee of $15-$20 when you arrive at class.

4. We are the only LTC Class that offers a Free Loaner Handgun if you do not own one. Others charge $15-$25 for each loaner handgun.

5. We Are a Family Business. We care about you; you are not just a number. Our family is helping your family.

6. The business phone is answered 7 days a week 8 am-8 pm. If you have a question, we are available.

7. Lee is the only instructor. Lee answers the phone, teaches the class, directs the range, and is available for questions after class. 

A Texas Certified Handgun Instructor presents a PowerPoint Presentation that will keep your interest. The presentation is highlighted with videos from expert handgun attorneys providing relevant information. You will gain the knowledge necessary to complete the Texas License to Carry (LTC) process.

Even if you do not carry a handgun regularly, the knowledge you gain from the class is essential for anyone who owns a gun. If you plan to keep a handgun in your home, vehicle, or RV, you need to know and understand the law.