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Monday, April 20 - Special Class at The Beacon Cafe 287

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1. Weekend and Weekday Classes - With more

classes, we are available when you are ready

for your Texas LTC Class.

2.  Smaller Classes - You are not packed into a classroom and onto a range.

3.  All inclusive LTC Class - Our price Includes the Range Fee. Others charge an additional Fee of $15-$20 when you arrive at class.

4. We are the only LTC Class that offers a Free Loaner Handgun, if you do not own one. Others charge $15-$25 for each loaner handgun.

5. We Are a Family Business. We care about you, you are not just a number. Our family helping your family.

6. Business phone is answered 7 days a week 8am-8pm. You have a question, we are avaliable.

7. Lee is the only instructor. The person that answers the phone, teaches the class, directs at the range, and is available for questions after class is Lee. 

A Texas Certified Handgun Instructor presents a PowerPoint Presentation that will keep your interest. Presentation is highlighted with videos from expert handgun attorneys providing relevant information. You will gain the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the Texas License to Carry (LTC) process.

Even if you do not carry a handgun on a regular basis, the knowledge you gain from the class is very important for anyone that owns a gun. If you plan to keep a handgun in your home, vehicle, or RV, you need to know and understand the law.

If you find a lower priced LTC Class, make sure that their price includes your class and range fee. All North Fort Worth LTC/CHL prices include class and range. If you need to borrow a handgun, loaners are available at no charge. Other instructors charge extra. Best Deal Available. Our prices are all inclusive.​​ "No HIdden Fees"​​

All credit cards are accepted. I utilize Paypal to process payments. You do not need a Paypal account to pay your class fee. Please call if you have any questions.​​

Texas License to Carry Classes at Cabela's FW

Should I Carry? Watch the following from Sheriff Wayne Ivey 

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Texas License to Carry Classes at Cabela's FW