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Your Class Fee includes your range fee. Other Instructors charge extra for the range. Our price is all-inclusive.

December 2017

          16 - Saturday,      9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          17 - Sunday,         9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          22 - Friday,           9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          28 - Thursday,     9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

​          30 - Saturday,      9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

January 2018

           6 - Saturday,      9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

           9 - Tuesday,       9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          13 - Saturday,     9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          14 - Sunday,        9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          15 - Monday,       9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          20 - Saturday,     9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          21 - Sunday,        9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          26 - Friday,          9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          27 - Saturday,     9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

          30 - Tuesday,      9 - 3,    Cabelas FW

LTC Classes For The North Texas Area - $80 Includes Range Fee and Target

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  Last Minute Walk-ins are always welcomed!!!

When you register, either pay a deposit of $30 or pay for class in full. Any balance due to be paid a class time. See drop-down box during registrations for the two options.

Great News:

On September 1, 2017, the State's Application Fee decreased from $140 to $40. Individuals 60 years old plus, $70 to $40, and Veterans $25. Active Duty Military $0.

Range qualification now includes all handgun calibers, Semi-auto or Revolver. Includes 22 caliber handguns.

A Texas Certified Handgun Instructor presents a PowerPoint Presentation that will keep your interest. Presentation is highlighted with videos that include current and relevant information. You will gain the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the Texas License to Carry (LTC) process.

Even if you do not carry a handgun on a regular basis, the knowledge you gain from the class is very important for anyone that owns a gun. If you plan to keep a handgun in your home, vehicle, or RV, you need to know and understand the law.

We will cover the four basic required Texas LTC topics: Legal Aspects of handgun Carry, Use of Force and Deadly Force, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, and Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms. Additional topics include Basic Handgun Marksmanship, Mental Awareness, Range Safety, and Reading the Target.

If you find a lower priced LTC Class, make sure that their price includes your range fees. All North Fort Worth LTC prices include the Range fee and Target. If you need to borrow a handgun, loaners are available at no charge. Other instructors charge extra. Best Deal Available. Our prices are all inclusive.

New Lower State Fees 

Now Offering Weekday Classes

Classes at Cabelas Fort Worth $80

Payment is through PayPal. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use any credit card.

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Classes at Cabelas Fort Worth $80

Last Minute Walk-ins are Always Welcomed


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